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Private teachers Employment in all countries
Modeling, Acting & Fashion Photography
Would you like to be an International Private Coach with more than $5000 monthly salary ?

Open registration for private coach employment after training .
International Bello management Paris hires 10 coach from each country 
The company will register 10 coach (10 Male & 10 female /  Modeling coach / Acting coach / Fashion photography coach)from each country.

The definition of a private trainer is:
The coach or teacher is,  someone who wants to teach to boys and girls to become an international model,actor or photographer .  

About Bello  Group Companies 
Bello Management is a French company with 29 years of experience, a professional international company operating in 150 countries.The company is a member of the IBD Hollywood in the United States and the founder of the fashion standards in France. 

Those who are hired for this position will have the following benefits:
–  Minimum $ 3000 to $5000 monthly  salary + commission.

–  Work internationally in interested country as coach 
–  International certificate of coaching approved by Paris fashion standard.
–  5 to 10 year contract as private coach.
–  Member of IBD Hollywood
–  And many more,…

Training periods :
Training periods are 3 months. 80 day online training and 10 day  practical & live workshop training.

Private Trainers Course:
Introductory course and Introduction to concepts and terminology through texts and online videos. Practical training with internships online via video. Higher education, online classes and practical.

Registration Fee & Payment method :
Registration & training Fee + providing job will be in 3 installments : training with international certificate 1500 euro + Casting  fee 250 euro and Total is: 1750 Euro.
The candidate can pay In 3 settlement : %50 in registration time and + 2 settlement in next two months

Important note:
– If student pay all registration fee in start, and than they can get  the student job in training time too .( Around 300 Euro )
– %100 of fees will be refunded within 1 months after the training period, by providing student to coaches . so it means training will become free.

Requirement : 
Age between 18 to 45 / Male & female
Langue: English Language / writing and speaking ( If person who want only work in own country , so the language option  will become non necessary )
Good Communication / passion in film and fashion

How to start process and register ?
All candidate in all countries can apply online now.
For registration simply click this orange color button in below and sign up.

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Some of our International Coaches :
Look at this Coaches  Profile :
1- Coach N, C- 10000010     2- Coach N, C- 10000008     3- Coach N, C- 10000007     4- Coach N, C- 10000011    

Do you need more information?
Feel free to contact Customer Service office in Paris – France – Call or Message with :
Whats app : +33751419600
Email :

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