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Bello Media Group
Cooperation With Media in the world & Press news .

Bello company owner of 20 international beauty contest , means each 20 contest every year organizing in 100 counties . this is why we have so many job and job opportunity for who work worldwide with Media  .
We proud of all Media Industry, press Media and magazines, fashion and film companies, bloggers and all advertising and news companies . and in main time we invite with pleasure all of them to work with us closely in 130 countries.

Wherever you are you can cooperate with Bello Management in your country . or each country you interested . we are ready to serve you in 130 country branch in the world .
We can cooperate with all media companies . if you have any idea or proposal let we know .

And also :
1- We can support you news about Bello Models international Events Contests and Activities in every month .
2- And in the other side we are happy to have your support about our news and activities in your country .with your Audience

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