C-10000010 – International Coach

Siti ,
International  Private Modeling & Acting Coach
Member of  worldwide international Bello academy .
And member of IBD Hollywood . Code:  C- 10000010

iti ,
is the one of experienced International Model & Actress , Hosts  & Private Modeling Coach from Singapore.
She trained and professional in acting and modeling , she works  in all Asia countries around 5 years.
Siti is very friendly, kind and under contract with International Bello Models Management Paris.she can speaks  Chines , Mandarin , Malaysian and  English.

Important :
International Bello Academy Paris, provides International Certificate after training .
Bello Academy is the only film and fashion industry academy in the world that provide Job after trining with so many benefits . and available in 150 countries.

Siti available for booking in Modeling , Acting & Hosts training :
1- Training Adults ( Male & Females )
2- Kid Models training 
3- Training for contests , pageants , events , modeling agencies and production Companies.
4- training new actors for film companies .
5- Training Private   – a small groups – Live group Class
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Siti International Private Coaches
Private coach International Bello Models Academy