Kid Models Portfolio (Age1-6 )

Kid Models & Actors Portfolio 
Professional Portfolio for kids for Age( 1- 6 years old )

Do you know why many people are interested in registering their children in the Bello Academy? Do you know what is different between Bello and other academies?

Yes, because it’s a professional and international academy from Paris, The capital of fashion city in the world . And the bello provides  job after training to his students. and the academy under Paris fashion standard certificate.
As you know fashion companies and kid product industry paying more than billion dollars to the advertising and productions in every year . All of this advertising, using kid models for commercial Photo & Production films . In this way kids product industry and kids production business fast growing up every year and follow that many opportunities coming up.
In 2002 , International Bello Models Management Paris Opened Biggest and Worldwide Kid Models Department with operation team in 150 countries . we have open casting test to search and train new kid models every time . we train kids in 150  countries and after training give them job with contract in there  country and cities .

Kid Models & Actors Training 
The kid courses are divided into TWO age of groups.

1- Children
Children (aged 6 to 12 years.under 8 year Need parents Assistant

A. Online  3 month full online training with weekly courses
( Training + Certificate+job )  599 Euro    Register here

B. Live 1 month group class training (ask for availability in your country )
( Training + Certificate+job )) 899 Euro    Register here

C. Private Coach in your home 1-3 month training
( Training + Certificate+job ) 1200 Euro    Register here

D. Online DVD – short training , only video training
(no certificate – no Job ) 99 Euro   Register here 

2- Adolescents
Adolescentsin the teenage years between 12 and 15 )
A. Online 3 month online training with weekly course
( Training + Certificate+job )
599 Euro   Register here

B. Live 1 month class group training (if available )
( with certificate & job ) 899 Euro  Register here

C. Private Coach 1-3 month in your home
( with certificate+job ) 1200 Euro  Register here

D. DVD – Training , only training
(no certificate – no Job)  99 Euro  Register here

For more information contact support Office :
Email :
Call free Whats app free : +33751419600
Facebook page  Click here

Support Officers:
Mr Adam – International Office 

Mr Tavakoli – Mideast Manager

How To start ?
 for test & training from below 
Note :
First of all, before registering for any training you need to apply for a “Casting Test” to check your kids ability about style and beauty . Please click this following button :

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Casting test for kid Models By international Bello Models academy Paris
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