Photographers & Cameraman Collaboration

Photographers & Cameraman Collaboration
Bello models management in 150 Countries .
Be part of bello and don’t worry, wherever you are we will provide you job.

re you a professional photographer or cameraman and looking for job locally and international ?
International Bello Models management from Paris, working as professional in 150 countries.
The company have good communication with all film , fashion , production , magazines , media, event organizers , international brands and model agencies in all countries.  Bello working close with Hollywood , Bollywood China dragon film group , Arabian markets and all around the world in 150 countries .

So if you want to grow up in your career and find lot of international and local job opportunities, sign up and become one of worldwide bello team member. lets we find job and you do Art. you going to have booking & operation manager. The Bello Management is the best and biggest management in 150 countries with partnership and link to the 200,000 film and fashion industry companies.
Our 1500 professional booking managers in Booking department, works 24 hours a day in 150 country markets to find and book best job offer for all members . and don’t worry this is freelance collaboration , you can have your own job and also more jobs from our side.

Term & Condition:

Cooperation Term between Bello Company and Freelance:
%30 from each job for Bello Company
%70 from each job for Member (  Photographer or Cameraman )


How can apply to become a member and whats the befits ? 
Wherever you are, you can apply online and collaborate with Bello Management. just go a head and sign up and fill up the form bellow and submit.  After submit we will process and you going to have this benefits too:
1- local or international job with freelance contract up to 2 years
2- International identity card and contract
3- International photography certificate
4 – More income Opportunities and ,.. 

Registration Fee:

220 Euro Casting & 2 years membership contract process fee.


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Important Note:
Please use small size photo for upload. If size of photo be big you will got error in submit the make sure that your attaching photos are small size of dbi .

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Photographer & Cameraman – Registration Form  

Fill up the form & attach 2 photo: 1 photo of yourself + a photo of your identity card and than click the button to pay 220 Euro  contract & registration fee by visa, master or pay pal.
Attention : Please apply by computer or notebook . do not with mobile or tablet .Without Payment we cant process . Use small size photo for attachment. if any issue , call support office with customer support )