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International Training Projects
Employment after Provisional skill training .

Exclusive in the world by International Bello Models Management Paris 

Open Casting for International Training Projects 2018
Bello Models Management is one of the biggest fashion French company, with 29 years of experience. Bello management is a professional international company which is active in 150 countries.
The company is a member of the IBD Hollywood Institute in New York city of untied state of America . The Bello is the founder of the Paris fashion standard in France. and leader and organizer of Islamic fashion in the world.

Bello Management team in Head quarter Office in 2014 decided to have yearly International employment in Professional skills . They decided to find full potential persons in the world and attract them as employment after training professional skills in fashion and film industry.

Those who are hired for the position in each project , they will going to have following advantages:
1 – Work permit for the interest and countries .
2 – We Provide International Certificate approved – by Paris Fashion standard.
3 – 10 year international contract .
4 – International identity card.
5- $3000 salary and commissions
and many more …

Registration Fee:
Registration Fee:
Registration fee up to the Project name and you can see the Project Details and price also in this page . All Training Projects .  The list of project and price is :

The list and subject of available project in 2017
1- Models Private Coach –  Registration and training Fee   3000 Euro

2- Actors Private Coach –  Registration and training Fee  3000 Euro
3- Kid Models Private Coach –  Registration and training Fee  3000 Euro
4- Fashion Photography –  Registration and training Fee  3000 Euro
5- Private Tour Guide –  Registration and training Fee   3000 Euro
6- Film Camera Man –  Registration and training Fee  3000 Euro
7- Beauty Contest National Directors –  Registration and training Fee  3000 Euro
8- National Film Casting Director –  Registration and training Fee  3000 Euro
9- Models Market & Sponsors –  Registration and training Fee  500 Euro
10- Models & Actors scout –  Registration and training Fee  500 Euro
You can see full information about projects and registration process in  All Training Projects Page.

Private term training periods:
training periods are three months. 3 month online training and practical training and 1 week Live Class before start job .

Projects Courses:

Introductory course and Introduction to concepts and terminology through texts and online videos . practical training with internships online via video.higher education, online classes and practical in 6 month 24 courses . and after that employment and job after training with more than $3000 Salary in each month .

Yes You can!
You can with small investment in your career earn every month best salary with best career and position and work with international Bello Models Management team.

Requirement and Apply steps  : 

1- Age: between 18 to 45
2- Casting test and approval before registration 

step one :
Casting Test :
 For Casting Test we need you go to the this page All Training Projects and chose that project you interested about and click sign up and after chose (option 1) for approval casting code and fill the form and make test Payment fee 65 Euro and submit .
Step 2 :
You will receive approval email within 24 hours about your approved or reject . also you can find your name after 24 hours applying for test in this page Approval List & Approval code N.
Step 3:
After you received approval code . you can again go to the this page All Training Projects and chose that project you interested about before and click sign up again and after chose (option 2) for buy training project and fill the form and make project full Payment fee  and submit .
Step 4 :
Registration Payment : you can pay online by credit card debit card master or visa card or pay-pal   follow the steps direct from each Project . or you can contact support office to ask them to send you online Billing Invoice.

Now you can see full information about every available project and registration process in
 All Training Projects Page and chose and apply from there.

Important Note :
If you have any question or need consultant about that project , you can contact our support team in
Support office:

Skype : Bello.Models 
Watsapp Support Office: +66929213600 
Telegram Support Office:

Instagram :


Support & Registration Office :
 Direct Call : +66 9292 13600


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