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Live Group Class Academy Courses
Entry Level classes are available for you to begin your career as a model. Find one of our locations in your country and train with the professional Modeling Instructors at Bello Models Academy to become a qualified model. We are ready to help you succeed, wherever you are.

Our Courses
We have 2 level courses .
1- Short Courses start from 3  month training .
2- Full courses that is 2 years Academic training .
You can choose either short three-month courses or full 24-month courses. The courses are also divided into three age groups. Modeling courses are for Children (aged 7 to 11 years), Adolescents (in the teenage years between 12 and 15), and for Adults (over 16 years old).

Beginner A
for Adults , Children and Adolescents 
Job After Training  are Available for all .

3 months – 3600 Euro
Job in Training Time & After Training Available .

After training and studying for three months, you will be granted our Beginner A Modeling Certificate, approved by the Paris Fashion Standard. This internationally-recognized qualification will let you start modeling with us through our Model Placement Program, or with any modeling company of your choice. in anyway we support and granted your job after training internationally in 126 country in your Choice. also if you interested to continue study after berk time, you can register in beginner B  Courses . about Beginner B you can call or Contact support office 

Beginner Program – Start
6 months – 4000 Euro
Full training includes Beginner courses A & B.
With thousands of modeling jobs located internationally, you can start your career just three months after registration. Accommodation and a work visa are provided if you accept one of our jobs in the Model Placement Program.

Intermediate Program
6 months – 4000 Euro
Full training includes Intermediate courses A & B.
Increase your modeling skills and experience and build on your modeling foundation. The relatively relaxed schedule gives you time to model professionally while training with us.

Improvement Program
6 months – 4000 Euro
Full training includes Improvement courses A & B.
Further training to improve your skillset and marketability, the improvement program is designed to produce the top models in the world.

Advanced Program
6 months – 4000 Euro
Full training includes Advanced courses A & B.
The final program in our Academy will advance you to our highest level of professional accreditation. After completing this stage, you will have the qualifications for modeling with any agency anywhere in the world. We follow the guidelines of the World Fashion Association in all our training.

Instructors and Certificates:
*All Instructors are from Paris, Italy, Russia and Brazil with International Masters in Modeling.
*Certificates are supported by the Paris Fashion Standard and the World Fashion Association.
*We provide a Course Certificate after completion of each course exam.
*Job Opportunity after 3 month training or finishing of Beginner A  in all countries available .
* for registration most first casting test follow Online Casting test and if you aproved you most pay and book for live group class for availability contact , contact support office  or

For Booking and Registration to live class :

The live Classroom Courses of Bello Academy  in each country .  Click Here and sign up Test . 
After we received first information we will contact you for next process. We do not offer visa-free group classes. Therefore, students must either be of the same country or have their own. Unless a student enrolls for two years. The cost of the two-year Bavisa is about € 20,000.
1- The amount of € 5,000 is first registered time.

2- And the rest is as follows 2 years study  period after student arrived to the destination country .
If you need more information or book for live class please contact our International support office
Whats app : +66929213600
Skype: Bello.Models
Support Officers
Mr Adam  

Mr Tavakoli

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