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International Bello Models Academy – Paris .

International Bello Models Management active in 126 country with so many fashion photography , cameraman and production  job . we working with our own photographer also freelance fashion photographer and video camera mans . if anyone interested to work with Bello team  , as freelance or contract photographer and need  job in every country , they have to become one  Bello member first.

How can have photography or camera man Job in bello ?
How can cooperate with bello as fashion photographer ?
To become a member of Bello team as fashion photographer or video camera man ( freelance or contract  Photographer ) and work worldwide or in a country and have fashion photography or production  , you most process registration first :

Step 1:
Casting Test 
Casting test to prove your photography or camera man ability .
You have to go to the Casting test page in Here  and fill up the form attach 4 picture with small size and pay the $50 casting fee and submit . after that wait for 25 casting team result with in maximum 24 hour . that will email you and also will put your name in this page in website about you aproved in test . Approval list page  . some time casting team need more information so they will email you and request more picture or another documents . or live video chat or appointment .

Step two :
Contract  Process 
after if you aproved for job . Contract Department  will process your freelance or contract file . and we need some document to process your contract and identity card .  and we need you pay contract fee $200  by receiving online invoice ,  this is you can chose to work as:
1- You want work as freelancer Photographer :

In freelance you work your own project also with us . and no commitment only when we give you job we work  %30 for bello %70 for photographer . you will have . international freelance contract and also identity card from us  . in this
2- You want work as Contract Member Photographer :
In Contract photographer your all most be control and inform to the Bello company and all manage by Bello , also if customer personally contact you ,you most  let Bello Company knows about  . in this package we will arrange and give you job in a country or internationally .

Another Cooperation Opportunities :
1- Introduce Modeling or Photography Student & Get Commission  
We believe all fashion photographer have good communication with fashion and modeling and acting lovers in own country.
so if you can introduce any student to the Bello Academy for training or any model for contract you will have commission from Bello company for each interdiction. as you know bello academy is only academy in the world who give job after training.

2- Train and Become a international Fashion Photographer .
If You are only photographer but you would like to train& work as fashion Photographer in any Country, just Go to this link and register . Register from here

3- Train and Become a international Fashion Photographer & Private Coach 
If You are only photographer but you would like to train& work as fashion Photographer in any Country, just Go to this link and register .  Register from here 

For more information
please contact customer service:
with free call or free live chat in whats app : +66929213600

Also you can join world wide Fashion photography Compaction :

World Fashion Photography Award Organization – WFPA

International Modeling & Acting Online Academy
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