Need Spenser Manager ?

Do you need a sponsor ?
What is the Sponsor Department in Bello Models Co. ?
And what kind of Support they have in that department.

Sometimes a person is qualified for modeling or acting, but due to many problems, especially financial ability, can not enter or grow in the field.
International Bello Models Management opened the sponsors department in 2015.
In this section, we are testing and casting to find beautiful models, models that are beautiful and need support.
In this department, we also have list of sponsors who looking for fashion business opportunities.They invest on models and actors career with bello warranty.

So if you are thinking your style and your qualified of fashion and  acting career, ready to the Bello Management Sponsor Market you can apply. we will process your case in casting department and will tell you the result . but we need you to apply for casting test to get approval code from 25 casting test judges . and for that you have to go to the casting test page and pay 65 Euro online . and wait 24 hours for result that will emails to you . 

How Can apply for sponsor ?
Which kind of sponsors you can have ?
1- you can have a  sponsor for training tuition fees.
2- you can have a sponsor for job and career sponsor

For apply – First step :
Fill up the form and  attach 4 photo and pay $65  casting test fee. online from this page :  Casting Test    and wait 24 hours to receive email . if your ability , beauty and your style approved by casting test team . and after  that from that department will contact you to discuss about details and cooperation .
You will be sponsored for tuition fees. After training, we will introduce you to the modeling or acting work internationally.
Sponsor will support your career and your finance situation and they will have %20 of your salary . until 5 year .

For now apply for fist step go this page and register from here : casting test page

If you need more information about sponsors Please Contact Customer Service with:
Whats app free : +66929213600
Skype : bello.models