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International Bello Academy
Branch License & Franchise Request 

International Bello academy working worldwide and growing up every year .
The Bello Models Academy are, top 1 international modeling and acting academy in the world . The company with 31 years experience and known in film and fashion industry with good benefits. Bello academy start to franchise and open the new branches in all countries now . We going to open academy with partnership in all countries in 2019 . And now we are looking to the new investor from all countries to hold our brand in their countries .

How can start ?
How can request for academy branch license ?
For county branch license , candidate or investments most contact with franchise department with sending a request to the email address :
Mrs Olga
Franchise & License Department Manager

Branch benefits  :
The yearly benefit of smallest to biggest branches, start from minimum $150,000 to maximum $1,000,000 .

With how much capital can start to open a branch ?

To open a branch start with minimum $50,000 capital .

Cooperation benefit between Bello Academy and Branch’s :
Bello Academy :  %40
Branch’s : %60

Branch Licence Fee :
The licence fee one time pay, depend on country population and exclusive or noon exclusive  .
The licence fee one time pay, start from minimum $10,000  to maximum $20,000   Depend on which country. 

Cooperation Options :
Bello Academy  :

Bello Academy will provide all education system,teachers and yearly plans , management system , websites , social advertise , certificate , courses and …..

Branch’s Partners :
Branches partners will provide and invest about , academy and school place , all education furnished materials and accessories . local and national advertising  …

For More information contact  :
Franchise & License Department Manager

Bello casting Team
International Bello Models Academy