Casting Test for photographer & Cameraman

Casting Test for : 
Photographer and camera mans in all film and fashion industry.

What Means Casting Test?
Casting test means, reviewing your career, information, photos, experience, documents by 25 professional judges in film and fashion industry. checking to identify and be sure that your talents are perfect for this business or not ?

Where can use casting test certificate?
whit in 24 hours of registering, you will receive casting test certificate. This is an international certificate from the university of Bello in Paris under France fashion standard.The certificate shows your ability and sufficiency about modeling and acting , film and fashion photography or,…
You can use this certificate for any academy, agencies, auditions or upcoming job opportunities to prove your  ability.

How to Apply for Casting Test?
For register simply go to the below form & fill up the form with computer or notebook & attach photos. (Please use small size & natural photo. and then continue to pay 200 Euro casting test and Certificate fee .You can pay by credit or debit card or pay pal account. After submitting the form, wait 24 hours for referees to check your specifications and abilities. within 24 hours you will receive the result by email and you can see your test result in the academy website this page too: Approval list & Approval code N.

Also you going to receive :
1- Test result Certificate .
2- Free gift, short video training course (Online Training )
Important Note :
Its necessary to process your file by 25 casting Judges. so without payment we can’t process. 

Sera Bolton
Casting Department Manager – Paris HQ
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 Important Note :
Please use small size photo to upload . if size of photo be big you will got error in submit the make sure that your attaching photos are small size.

world fashion photography computation 2018
world fashion photography computation 2018

Photography & Camera man Casting test form

All candidates fill up the form & attach 1 photo of yourself+3  photo of your expertise and than pay 200 Euro registration fee . by visa – master or pay pal. all cameraman need to send link of video in describe section .
Attention : Please apply by computer or notebook . do not with mobile or tablet .Without Payment we cant process . if any issue , call organization office ( Whats app : +33 7 5141 9600 )