Film & Fashion Companies Cooperation

Do you need a
Model , Actor , Fashion Photographer or,..?
Film & Fashion Companies Cooperation.

All film and fashion Companies and fashion designers for cooperation with international Bello Models management Invited.
You can send request booking department and ask whatever you need from Bello management in 150 countries .

We are ready to provide this services to all film and fashion companies  in 130 countries :
– Models you chose from our database
– Actors you chose from our database
– Makeup Artist
– Fashion Photographers
– Film Cameraman
– Production service
– film or photography studio
– Video Clip – Short Advertising Film
– Fashion Event organizing
– Fashion Contest Organizing
– National Director from 130 Countries
– Production Event organizing
– hostess
– fashion show organizing in 150 country
– Models for stay 3-6 month ( mother agency service )
– Filming location providing worldwide in 150 country . Bello Management is the biggest Filming Location in the world.
filming location is a place where some or all of a film or television series is produced, in addition to or instead of using sets constructed on a movie studio back lot or sound stage.In film making, a location is any place where a film crew will be filming actors and recording their dialog.
And ,…

All Academies In the world
( Modeling & Acting Academies )
All Local modeling & Acting Academies in the world also invited for cooperation with Bello maagement . we can register your trained students and provide them Internationally job after casting Test. The academies for long term Cooperation and contract with Bello Management  Contact Us  with sending email to ( ) or call support office/ whats app free call : +33751419600
We will support your academy by giving and providing job to your Student .

International Bello Models Management – Paris working in 130 Country markets. We have the biggest fashion and film industry Database in the world with 12,000.000 exclusive Profile . That we called , IBD Hollywood in New York.
And we can serve all companies in the world in 150 country , who need new face of fashion and film industry.
In this way if you need model or actor or any service , just go to the Contact Us  and send request to us .our booking department will contact you soon after we received your email .
If you have urgent request , you can send email and after email immediately call Customer Service :
Whats app free call : +33751419600