Plus Size Models & Actors Collaboration

Plus Size
Model & Actors Job, after Training
International Project in 150 Countries . Each country only 30 person .


All Plus Size, who interested about Modeling or Acting invited for registration in Bello Management to get job in 150 countries.

How is it work ?
As you know Bello Management is the biggest international Model & Actors provider i the world and from Paris . The Bello works with plus size Model & Actors professionally in plus size Department. Bello Company and actives in 150 countries. we have good communication with all film , fashion , production , magazines , media, event organizers , international brand and models agencies in all countries.  we  working close with Hollywood , Bollywood ,China dragon film and all Arabian markets.
If you are interested to be plus size model or actor and Wherever you are you can collaborate with Bello management as freelance or contract member. we will train you and you can have job in your country or each country your choice.

How can start collaboration?
Wherever you are you can collaborate with Bello Management, in your country, or any other country .
Step 1 – Casting Test :
Apply online for casting test to get training & Job approval code . from bellow the page or here .Click & Apply 
Step 2 –  Approval code :
You will receive approval code  within 24 hour and than you can register.  Approval code 
Step 3 – Registration & Training :
Pay Euro 599 registration fee for 3 month online training or by private coach . in online training you will receive every Monday weekly course  . Pay from here 
Step 4 – Certificate & Job :
After training you will get international Certificate and than you will start to work under bello booking department .

All members after training going to have this benefits :
1- local or international job contract 2 – 5 years and more,…
2- free membership of IBD Hollywood ( International Film industry Database NYC . the normal cost $2000 yearly but free for our members , IBD is the place that all film company will see you and chose you for international projects)
3- free Visa in working time if needed .
4- Free ticket and transportation in working time
5- Free accommodation for stay Models
6- Pocket money – advance support
7- private booking & operation manager
8- International identity card and contract
9- International Job support in 150 countries
10- Insurance & Healthy support in working time
11- Security support
12- Lone
13-Part time and extra job
14- International career certificate
15 -Sponsor manager
16 – More income Opportunity and many more …

Cooperation Term & Condition:
Cooperation Term between Bello Company and members:
%30 from each job for Bello Models Company
%70 from each job for Members

If you need more information or consultant?
Contact with our 24 hours International Customer Service Team
International Customer Service /call or message free /whatsApp : +33751419600

Important Note:
For  step 1 and  ” Casting test ”  you can apply from below form too : 

plus size model or actors, international management
plus size model or actors, international management
plus size model or actors, international management

Plus Size Members ” casting test “ form

Fill up the form & attach 5 photo+1 identity card photo & click to pay 99 Euro plus size casting test fee. you can pay by visa,master, pay pal or any debit card. or by western Union transfer .
Attention : Please apply by computer or notebook . no mobile or tablet.Without Payment we cant process . use small size photo for upload.Any issue, call support office ( Whats app : +3375141600 )