World Fashion Photography Award & Competition – WFPA 2019

The World
Fashion Photography Award & Competition – ( WPPA 2019 )
The Oscar in Photography

By International Bello Models Academy Paris
World Fashion Photography Award – WFPA 2019 is a Biggest Fashion Photography Competition Award in all Countries ,start from 2013 and this is a be happening in every year.

Who can attend in this computation ?
All fashion photographers, along with one or two male or female models, are invited to register from all over the world online now .

Requirement  ?
Photographer all ages
Models from 15 to 37 female models  

Open Casting for sign up and registration online  : 
Open Casting is online and registration for photographers Start from: Now until 30th July 2019
Also National directors Can apply for license 2018 from : Now until 30th July 2019
Competition will start in all countries from : Now until 25th November 2019 in all countries
The Grand final will be in Paris in 09 & 10th December 2019 & Live Tv live Stream 

Attention :
With registration to the Pageant, you will get 1 month modeling training from Bello models academy Paris with certificate for free .This training course price is 599 Euro but for who applies to this pageant will be free .

How its work &  how many Steps
Step 1
Start Casting Test Online competition & public Voting .
In start and step one, photographer will register online with their Models. after registration complete, they will challenge in first stage & first project that organization will give them . each photographers most shot 5 photo with resisted models  follow the subject provided by organization and send online to the organization office. after that 25 judges will check the photos and they lets  Audion’s  knows  and vote . so if judges find out that some of photographer doesn’t  qualified,so they will rejected them and they cant continue. but selected & qualified photographer will start live computation in own country by organizer support to continue for second live events steps.

 Step 2
Live National 
And in second step, each country going to have 10 compaction & national events by national directors follow the  organizer support. In the final national event, one of  the photographer & their model from each country will be winner of that country and become Best fashion photographer country – 2019 with their model.  

Step 3
Grand Final 

In step 3 all countries national winners will travel to the Paris for grand final . And they will challenge in 48 hours in pairs to win the award . and in the end, one of the fashion photographer in a biggest event will wins the award and becomes as World Fashion photographer  2019 ” with their model.

Also : 5 Another photographer will win the sub subjects of the computation too.
This going to be Competition going to be in future same as Oscar in Photography , that’s why we start this world wide competition. and relay we need photographer sign up and support photography industry . we cant do any thing without you , so please come and join us. we will work for you .

The sponsors in this biggest fashion photography contests in 2019 are :
Proud action Companies from 150 countries
International Production Co.
Cannon Co.
Nikon Co.
Fuji Co.
and …

National directors ,

National directors for license request , Check this link and see the details and contact us.

Organization Contact detail :
Website :

Email :
Call free organization office :
Whats app : +33751419600
Facebook :
Instagram : phtographercontest

How to register for
computation ?
Fashion Photographer and models from the below form:
All photographer with 1 or two model can register.  For register fill up the form and pay 99 euro to complete each person for registration.
After registration you will receive an email about computation details & may they ask you to send some your experienced photo by email .  so follow the email after registration you will receive computation details . 

Important Note :
Please use small size photo for upload . if size of photo be big you will got error in submit the make sure that your attaching photos are small size.
world fashion photography computation 2018
world fashion photography computation 2018

Photography Registration Form – WFPA

All contestant in all countries – fill up the form & attach 1 photo of yourself+1 identity card photo and than pay 99 Euro registration fee . by visa – master or pay pal
Attention : Please apply by computer or notebook . do not apply with mobile or tablet .Without Payment we cant process . And use small size photo for upload . if any issue , call organization office with ( Whats app : +33751419600 )