International Job after training (Modeling-Acting-Photography-Makeup)2020

International Job after 3 month online training
Modeling , Acting , Fashion photography , Fashion Makeup

Modeling Acting Photography and Makeup Job after Training in all countries in 2020.
Modeling, Acting, Makeup Artists and Fashion Photography volunteers will have 3 months of online education after enrollment. And then they will work internationally with bello Paris management. Bello management is one of the biggest actors, models and all film and fashion industry skill provider in 165 countries.
The registration is available online in all countries . And this year we will selecting limited number of male  and female volunteers from all countries. the registration form is available on the belle Academy website and also in below this page now.

After training, employees will have the following benefits.
1-  International certificate from Bello models academy Pairs
2-  5 to 10 years international employment contract with possibility to be renewed
3- Monthly salary + commissions ( between 3000 t0 5000 USD in start )
4- Free visa in international projects .
5- Accommodation in international projects
6- Free fly ticket and travel & transport expense in international project
7- International Identity card
8- Private booking manager
9 – Membership of IBD – Hollywood to promote internationally
And many more ,…

The registration requirement & Fee 
A) – Age between 16 to 47 for models & Actors and Photographers and makeup artists for kids click here 
B) – Height for models & Actors start from 160 to above . but for photographer and actors, and makeup artists its not necessary.
C- The registration fee are 5000 Euro but for now we have BIG Discount and only pay 3700 euro for now.

Registration Package with discount  :

The Package is Casting test+ training + international job +  work visa and fly ticket in international jobs
Registration package fee is 200 Euro Casting test
+ 3500 Euro  = 3700 euro

How To start register : 

Step 1
Fill up the form below & register online + photo + registration fee 

Step 2
Start training :
Once the registration complete, within 48 hours you going to start training and also you will receive :
1-  payment confirmation from accounting .

2- Your online account activation .
3- Training courses will be 24 weekly courses in 6 month
Attention : If you need more information about training courses & job details ? Call Paris support office via whats app :  +33 75141 9600
Or email to :

Step 3
Start to work locally or internationally depend on your registration package   

After 3 month of training we will provide job for trained employs, depend on training subject and courses. the job will be internationally or locally in film & fashion industry . and you will start to work with your private booking manager arrangement in booking department .
The collaboration between bello company and candidate in 5 years contract will be :
%70    for candidate 
%30   for Bello Management 
And booking department will arrange all Candidate need about job marketing + contracts and updates . 

For more information about International Bello Models Management pairs  click and : Visit About Company 

Contact Support Office for consultant   :
Whats App Free Call : +33 75141 9600

Sera Bolton

Operation manager – Paris HQ

Apply Online From Below form
– Please try to register with computer or notebook . its will be easy than mobile phone .
– do not worry about online payment getaway. its highly secured by : http(s) (https://)

– If any problem in registration process feel free to contact support office . whats app : +33 75141 9600

And also after training yo going to have live profile like this members :
Ibd Hollywood Member -10000054-1
Ibd Hollywood Member -pt10000011
Ibd Hollywood Member -10000050-1
Ibd Hollywood Member -10000053-1

Employment after training Internationally in 165 countries – 2019
Registration Form 

Fill up the form, attach 3 your pictures & 1 photo of your identity card, and than Click the button to pay 3700 euro registration fee by credit,debit or pay pal ( Visa or Master card ) or western union or call support office : Whats app : +33751419600

do not worry about online payment getaway. its highly secured by : http(s) (https://)

Please only apply by computer or notebook. do not use mobile or tablet .without payment we can’t process, And depending on the test topic, form Academy will contact you for an online interview soon. Use small size photo for attach .If any issue, contact customer service with call free / what’s app: +33751419600