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Question 1-
How Can Be Part Of Bello Models ?
I want be a model & Actor , i interested to be part of Bello models and work Internationally , So How Can Be Part Of Bello Models ?
Answer : if you want be a model you most first training minimum 3 month in bello models academy to have job and work as international Model and use all benefit we provide for international models.

2- How many method i can use to train as model or Actor in Bello Models Academy in my country ?
Answer : 
Bello Academy Active in 150 countries and can say in all countries . in Bello Academy we have few ways to join our academic and professional training Courses . that’s depend on your financial ability and your country availability.
you consult with customer support officer and  register to :

a- Online training Academy available in 150 Countries. List Courses 
b- Private Coach in your home available in 150 country. List Courses 
c- live Group Classroom Academy available in 60 countries ( ask support ) List Courses 
d- Multi Media – Dvd Shop Training plan . List Courses   

3- What kind of benefits we have if we chose to training in Bello Academy  ?
Why should we chose Bello Models Academy Paris ?

Answer :
As you know bello models is not only academy , its a academy under International Bello Models management Paris and IBD Hollywood The Biggest Model and Actors job provider in the world with 12.000.000 exclusive database  .
with bello you will have :
1- Bello Academy is an International Company from Paris , capital city of fashion.
2- Its only academy in the world give you job opportunity after training .
3- Bello academy provide 5 years International Job Contract .
4- Bello Provide International Modeling or acting Identity card .
5- Bello academy give you work visa + travel Expanse + Accommodation
6- Because Bello Academy not only academy , its a academy under International  Bello Models Management from pairs , with 125 country branch and so many job coming from this countries .
7- Bello Models Academy number one and Professional Academy under Paris fashion Standard .
8- Bello Academy member of IBD Hollywood New York the biggest and central of fashion and film industry database in the world , and direct link to the Hollywood casting companies.
9- In Bello Academy models after training become member of IBD Hollywood for free and the direct casting by Hollywood film companies .
10- Bello Models working direct with Victoria’s secret , Paris , London , Milan and New York fashion week organization every year .
And many more …
So , if you really interested to become a professional and international Model or actor
Just Contact with registration office or go to this Website and register online Or contact registration office. More info   

4- How long is the Modeling or acting training to be come a professional in that course  and session of courses ? 
Answer : 
the academic Education Period are 2 years . and 5 education Main courses :
–  Beginner A /3 month ( After beginner A Student can start Work )  
–  Beginner B /3 month 
–  Intermediate Program /6 month 
– Improvement Program  /6 month 
– Advanced Program /6 month
Beginner A in all countries online and Private available , but for another sections all academic educations method available .
Note : for work internationally and use Bello Models Management Benefits , minimum 3 month training required . students between courses can stop training and again continue after period of times , each section have diffident and exclusive course Certificate .
More Info click here . 

5- for used to work as Actor or Model how long need training ?
Answer : 
for work internationally and use Bello Models Management Benefits , minimum 3 month training required . 

6- What is the Online training and how can train online ?
Answer :
Bello Models Online Academy is the first and biggest international Online academy with 150 active countries. online Training method in international Bello Models Academy is one of the professional way for training .so many people no have time to go classroom . or they no happy with unprofessional coaches in that local country . some of models working or study in university and relay no time and money to spend for live academy . so Bello Models management 10 years ago start and create Biggest online academy pairs with best coaches from pairs , London and new York.
Online Training :
In Online training we give you Online Classroom Account . we give you exclusive account, Id & Password . and you can login to your education class and access to your Courses . in online system you training by Video , Audio , Books for reading , workshops and practice and monthly examination . when login and you assess your account , you will see videos + books + workshops + practice . you can simply click and start study .
In Bello Academy no limit daily time and you can 1 time to 10 time in the day assess and see and read and practice when you are free . but in fist week you can see only course one week one . and you have 1 week time to watch videos and read books and practice workshops . after one week on next Mondays you going to have course 2 week two until week 12 ( month 3 complete ) . after 3 month you will have portfolio information form to chose countries you want work and after you will receive international certification and after your file from education department will transfer to the Booking department for Job.

 7– what is the courses exam . how will be and if we cant successfully pass what will happen next?
Answer : 
every student have  3 exam in 3 month . we called monthly exam . After registration process your file will send to the education department and you will be touch with them . education department will control your study and check your study for this they will ask you every month about work shop and exam .
Monthly Workshops : its a activity about your training for example : Take some picture of your action or poses 
Monthly Exam :  its a test examination will send you by email and also ask you to take some video or photo to send education department also they will ask you test by arranging time in Skype, by online conference, about your training.
Note :
Nothing happens if you didn’t pass successfully each examination.
But Its important to know examination only are for control your professional training and posh you to train professionally because this not just training and finish . its going to start cooperation and work and job after 3 month training so we in academy so kin about training and we would like you train professional . its important for future Jobs . result of examination only for know which courses you need more focus and spend more time .

9– How can apply and register for 3 month online training and  whats the steps ?
Answer :
for 3 month online training we have this steps :
Step 1- Test for Modeling or acting and approval code 
step 2 – if you approved , make payment and complete registration
step 3-  academy will active your online class and send your online Class ID & Password .

For process this steps please follow this information . if you got any problem in each step, just contact customer service for help and support you  
in start after you got all information and ready to register , first go to the course you want training and chose : For Example : Modeling or Acting Or photography .
after if that course need approval code and test , chose option one for test , wait for approval within 24 hours . you will receive your approval code and you will see in website in this page  . after you need come back seam course signup and chose option two and make payment and register . after complete your registration you will receive your account detail .

10– How can trust Bello Models Academy to pay money for online training  ?
Answer : 

This  is most important question and always Student asking about . we have to say we not approve everybody for training we give you job if you approve . and you pay money if your style approved for that career . also we have all information about this world wide company around 27 years . we after your training work with you : %70 for you and %30 for our company this is partnership business , means when you work we have benefit so we will give you %100 Job to both partner make benefit in this business .
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Bello Models management 
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